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After Driveway Replacement, KC

Maintenance for Driveway Replacement, KC

For yearly maintenance that extends the life of your driveway replacement, KC contractors recommend the following steps:

  • Power wash your driveway once a year

Cleaning your driveway of dust, leaves, animal urine, and winter chemicals will maintain the life of your concrete.

  • Patch holes and cracks in your concrete

It’s inevitable that your concrete will crack. In order to contain the severity of a small crack or hole, repair your concrete as soon as possible.

According to, “If you notice that there are already some cracks, chips, holes, or areas that have been broken off, then there’s no time to lose. It would help if you immediately patched them up before the winter. This is because the most damaging element for concrete driveways is water. If the water comes in and the winter rolls around, the water will freeze inside your concrete driveway, making new cracks and breakage or worsening the existing ones.

To start sealing them all up, you should sweep your driveway first and clear off any debris and dirt using a power washer. Next, let it dry, apply the patching material, and let it dry again. And then, you can apply the concrete sealant.”

  • Avoid winter chemicals

Salt, which is the most often used to melt ice and snow, is also the most harmful to your concrete. De-icers cause the concrete to scale and spall, especially new concrete.

  • Resealing your driveway

Part of your driveway replacement includes a concrete sealer. These sealers protect your driveway from stains, unwanted chemicals, etc., but wear off over time. Sealing your driveway every 3-5 years  protects your concrete.

According to the Michigan Concrete Association, “Regular resealing protects your concrete from moisture penetration, freeze-thaw conditions, and de-icing chemicals. While you can reseal a driveway yourself, it’s recommended that you set up a schedule with your concrete contractor.”

A driveway replacement is a great investment in your property, and it is important to take good care of your investment. With proper maintenance, your driveway will last many years. 

Final step in driveway replacement: spraying sealer.


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