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Driveway Installation, KC; Types of Joints

Driveway Installation, KC; Two Types of Control Joints

There are two types of joints when completing a driveway installation. KC contractors advise cutting joints in concrete drives. When concrete cracks, the control joint will help keep the cracking contained instead of spreading. The joints allow concrete to expand or move to control breakage. We recommend one of two types of joints for your driveway installation.

Crew member cutting a hand-tooled joint during a driveway installment.

Hand-tooled Joints

During placement, the crew cuts hand-tooled joints into concrete. There is a picture frame edge when cut with hand-tooled joints.

“Contraction joints may be tooled into the concrete surface at the time of placement. Joints may be tooled into the surface (first pass) prior to the onset of bleeding or immediately with the first pass of the floating operation.” PCA America’s Cement Manufacture

Hand-tooled edging during a driveway installation.

Saw-Cut Joints

The construction crew cuts saw-cut joints with an electric, gas, or battery powered saw that is either handheld or walk behind. However, there is not a “picture frame” edge around the saw-cut joint.

According to NRCA (National Ready Mix Concrete Association), “Conventional saw-cut joints should be run within 4 to 12 hours after the concrete has been finished.” If cut too early, you run the risk of raveling the edges, so depending on your weather, 24 hours is sometimes necessary to wait. 

Newly completed saw-cuts in a driveway installation

Depths of Joints

Whether hand-tooled or saw-cut, your concrete contractor cuts joints ¼” for each inch of slab thickness.  For example, with a 4” thick driveway installation, KC contractors cut a 1” deep joint. These joints allow concrete to shrink or expand with weather conditions. 

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-Liz Burton, Office Manager/Burton’s Construction & Collette Erickson, Marketing Developer/Burton’s Construction