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Garage Floor Replacement Kansas City

What to Expect During a Garage Floor Replacement

In need of a garage floor replacement in Kansas City? Though it can go unnoticed, your garage is the first and last area of your home that you see when leaving for the day or getting home for the night. Your garage should be just as inviting as any other space in your home. Whether you use your garage for storage, for parking your vehicles, for additional space for large family gatherings, or even as a man cave, you want a space that’s safe and inviting. Large cracks that are separating, sunken concrete and even holes can be signs that you are in need of a garage floor replacement. Kansas City contractors share the process of what to expect during the completion of your project.

Garage Floor Replacement

Demo of Your Old Garage Floor

You found your contractor to complete your garage floor replacement, Kansas City homeowners think “Now What?” You have a garage that is full of gardening tools, sports equipment, a stocked refrigerator, power tools and much, much more. The first task is to clear your garage so work can begin. One option is to move all of your things into your house or put them in the backyard.  Another route is to rent a storage container that you will leave on the street or driveway.  Once you clear your garage, your project will take 2-3 days from start to finish. The usual recommendation is not to drive or park on your newly poured garage floor for 7-10 days.


Now that everything is out of the way, our crew gets started on the demolition of the old garage floor.  On average, a garage door is 7 feet tall, and most skid steers are unable to fit into the garage for demolition. The skid steers stand between 6-8 feet. During a garage floor replacement, Kansas City contractors must use a smaller machine like a dingo. The dingo will break up the existing garage floor and remove the broken concrete by placing it into a dump truck. This truck will take its load to a dump where they will recycle your old concrete. The demo of your garage floor only takes a few hours if using a large dump truck.  A smaller dump trailer will take twice as long to remove the old concrete and haul it away. 


Now that the demo is complete for your garage floor replacement, Kansas City contractors establish the grade. Then they place base rock and compact it. According to The Constructor “It’s important to have a solid and level base for placing the garage floor slab. The uneven or loose base will make the slab deflect and form cracks. If the base soil is to be filled, then proper compaction must be insured to avoid uneven settlement.” A compactor is used to ensure an even base on which the concrete will be poured.


After the base has been compacted, the next step is one of the most important in a garage floor replacement. The crew will lay out and tie rebar every 2 feet on center. “Concrete has a very high compression strength, but relatively low tensile and torsional strength. Steel helps with this by providing high strength in those areas, while helping to prevent the formation and spread of cracks that could destroy the whole project.” Service Steel Warehouse Without the use of rebar, the chance of your garage floor cracking quickly increases significantly. 


Now it’s time for the pour. If you have a driveway replacement at the same time as your garage floor replacement, the concrete truck can pull all the way up to your garage doors for easier access. (The garage floor will be replaced before the driveway replacement.) If you are not replacing your driveway, no worries! A mud buggy makes trips back and forth from the concrete truck to the garage floor. It takes longer, but it protects your drive from a heavy concrete truck cracking your driveway.


The crew places 4” of concrete on your garage floor. Instead of a typical broom finish like you see on most driveways, your garage floor needs a steel trowel finish. The Contractor says, “Trowel finish is the most common and popular finish of concrete used for major types of applications. After the concrete is laid in the formwork and leveled, the trowel is used to smooth and fine-level the surface of concrete.” Steel trowel finish is what gives that smooth and shiny look on your garage floor.



Finally, your construction crew will cleanup the job site. These are the last steps to your garage floor replacement. If you are ready for a garage floor estimate, please complete our form below.

Quick Overview of a Garage Floor Replacement, Kansas City:

  • Tear out, remove and dispose of your current garage floor
  • Establish the grade
  • Place base rock and compact the base
  • Layout and tie rebar 2 feet on center
  • Place 4” of concrete 
  • Steel trowel finish
  • Clean up job site 

Garage Floor Replacement

If you live in the Kansas City metro and are in need of a garage floor replacement, contact us.  It could be Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, or beyond, we make sure that we leave our clients feeling satisfied. For answers to all of your frequently asked questions, please check out our FAQ page.

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