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Driveway Repair KC

Driveway Repair, KC Process

There are many steps to follow in a driveway repair, KC homeowners hire their contractor; now what? If you are planning a total driveway replacement, you need to know from beginning to end what steps are taken to ensure you receive a quality product.



First things first, schedule your approximate start date. Flexibility is important in the world of outdoor construction.This date is dependent on weather and previous job completion. 


Your contractor should contact you two weeks before your driveway repair. KC homeowners can expect a reminder email with expectations before, during and after the job is completed. Contractors shouldn’t leave homeowners guessing, so check your email often.


The week of your driveway replacement you receive up-to-date, accurate schedules.  Dates and times are specified. 


Behind the Scenes

Utility markings, permits, material collection and concrete ordering are at the top of the list. Utility companies will mark utility lines before the driveway repair. KC homeowners can leave all of these tasks up to the licensed contractor. 



Your crew will tear out, remove, and dispose of debris (current driveway; concrete, gravel, asphalt). Then, they will establish the grade by using skid steers to smooth out and/or move base. After that, the crew will place 4-8 inches of base rock and compact it. Next, the crew sets form rails and then  lays out and ties ½ inch rebar every 2 feet on center. 

Rebar placed 2′ on center in this new driveway


What type of vehicles do you park in your driveway? The weight of your vehicles will determine if you need 4”, 5”, or 6” of concrete placed. Eventually, the crew will broom finish the entire surface of the driveway.

Pouring the new driveway


Cutting expansion joints is the next-to-the-last step and very important. According to PCA America’s Cement Manufacture, “Joints in concrete pavements control the location and spread of cracks. They can be hand-tooled or saw cut, and should be made to a depth of no less than one inch for a four inch thick slab. Joints should be spaced no more than 10 feet apart for a four inch slab.” 


 Finally, the crew will spray concrete cure, deform the slab, and clean up the job site.

                                                                                                 A brand new driveway getting sprayed with cure.


Approximate Time Frame for Concrete Repair

KC Contractors will:

Day 1- Tear out, remove debris, and set up base rock and rebar

Day 2- Pour concrete, broom brush, cut expansion joints, spray sealer, and clean up


After the Driveway Repair 

KC homeowners must wait 7-10 days before driving or parking on the new driveway. It takes 7 days for concrete to have enough strength to withstand the weight of vehicles according to the city of Royal Oaks

Leave the caution tape in place to block your driveway from any cars or trucks that might prematurely drive or park on your driveway repair.  KC homeowners don’t want structural cracks from not allowing the concrete to cure.

It’s ok to walk on your new concrete as soon as it is hard to the touch. Generally, this will take 24 hours.


Please contact us with any questions that you may have.


After two days of work crews and a few days of curing, you will be enjoying your beautiful new driveway and wondering why you waited so long to call Burton’s Construction for an estimate.