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Uses of Concrete Patio KC

Concrete Patio KC

Is it time to consider adding a Concrete Patio KC friends? After a long cold winter, there is nothing better than spending time outside with family and friends. If you don’t have an outdoor living space, maybe now is the time to add a versatile concrete patio.

Patios are a great place for grills, picnic tables, and seating areas, but there are many creative uses for outdoor spaces: fire pits, outdoor kitchens, basketball courts, hot tubs, planters, water tables, and play areas for kids, to name just a few. 

Adding a concrete patio to your home is like adding an additional room to your home. Family activities move outside and cleanup can be as simple as spraying down the area with a garden hose. 


What defines a patio?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a patio is “an area outside a house with a solid floor but no roof, used in good weather for relaxing, eating, etc.” That being said, owners can attach a patio to restaurants or eating establishments, too. This outdoor seating extends their occupancy during milder months. During Covid, restaurants added outdoor heaters to their patios so that when indoor dining was prohibitied, patrons could still dine outside of their establishment. 


Are patios popular?

In 2021 the National Association of Homebuilders reports: “For the first time since the Census Bureau’s 2005 survey redesign, the share of new homes with patios broke above 60 percent in 2020.  More specifically, of the roughly 990,000 single-family homes started in 2020, 61.4 percent came with patios.” 

Why are patios gaining in popularity?

Concrete patios KC contractors will tell you have a greater lifespan and require less upkeep than decks. Consumers and home owners are figuring this out. Decks need yearly staining and upkeep, but even then often need to be replaced after 10-15 years. Concrete requires little upkeep and remains a sturdy foundation for your outdoor needs. 

NAHB also reported, “The share of new homes with patios increased for the sixth year in a row in 2021, to a post-2004 high of 63.0 percent  At the same time, the share with decks was trending in the opposite direction, declining for the fifth year in a row to a post-2004 low.  Of the roughly 1.1 million single-family homes started in 2021, only 17.5 percent included decks, according to NAHB tabulation of data from the Survey of Construction.” As you can see, concrete patios are growing in popularity and for good reason.  


The possibilities for using your concrete patio, KC homeowners, are limited only by your imagination. 


Outdoor dining

Concrete patios are a great location for the grill.  Patios make ideal spaces for outdoor cooking, as cleanup is easy and quick, and there is little to no fire risk.

A picnic table with or without an umbrella, lawn chairs, and side tables are not only pretty to look at but also useful for entertaining. A patio enables you to dine al fresco with family and friends. And if the cook is grilling outside where the crowd is gathering, they won’t miss a moment of the fun. 

Fire Pits or Fire Rings make a great area to roast hot dogs or make s’mores. This simple addition makes your patio usage last later into the night, both for the food and the warmth. 

More elaborate patio designs may incorporate an outdoor kitchen, complete with under counter refrigerator, ice maker, sink, or warming oven. Moreover, if you are wanting to make your patio more usable for outdoor dining as the weather cools, you can always add an outdoor heater. 

Outdoor play

A concrete patio with a basketball goal at one end will be a sure hit for kids with NBA dreams, and is also great for a quick family game of HORSE or Knockout. Furthermore, little ones have an easier time learning to dribble on your concrete patio. 

Depending on the size of your space, your kids may learn to ride their tricycle or scooter on your patio. Also, water tables make great play areas for kids, and on a concrete patio there is no reason to worry about the spills. 

Hot tubs or outdoor spas add another way to use your patio. Concrete makes a level setup space and a clean place for feet to land as you exit your relaxing soak.

                                                                Outdoor basketball court

Outdoor Decor- Extras after adding your concrete patio

If you add a few planters to your patio, you can grow flowers or even a few vegetables or herbs. Not only will they add color and interest to your patio, but can define the patio area. 

Some people add decorative rugs to their patio, and while they aren’t necessary, they can add a splash of color and some texture to your concrete. Sweep off the indoor-outdoor rugs as needed.

Finally, lighting can be a very effective way to make your concrete patio come to life. Not only will it add a decorative element, it can also extend the life of your patio past sundown. Homeowners can have lighting built into retaining walls and steps, place lights on top of decorative walls or string lights in trees.

Time for you to invest in a Concrete Patio KC?

As you can see, a concrete patio will give you more room for living by taking your indoor living outdoors. 

Contact us if you are interested in extending your living space from inside to outside this summer. We will be happy to answer any questions. Look for posts in the next few weeks that  will deal with the process, design, finishes, and the varieties of patios you might want to consider.


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