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Garage Floor

Types of Garage Floor Installation, KC


Types of Garage Floors

In order from most common to least

1st: Steel Trowel Concrete– 

To begin with, the first type of garage floor installation and the most popular, according to The Constructor, Trowel finish is the most common and popular finish of concrete used for major types of applications. After the concrete is laid in the formwork and leveled, the trowel is used to smooth and fine-level the surface of concrete.”

Out of all the types of garage floor installation, KC contractors find this one to be the most practical.

                                Newly poured garage floor with steel trowel finish


  • Built to last
  • Cost effective
  • Resilient
  • Easily Available
  • Generally stain resistant
  • Self sealing- makes the concrete more dense




2nd: Epoxy-

Besides steel trowel, epoxy is another option for garage floors. “Your garage flooring is subjected to more wear and tear than any other kind of flooring in your home or business. The most common kind of wear that your garage flooring will endure is stains. With all the oils, paints, and such that you store in your garage, its flooring faces a pretty constant threat of spills and stains.” (According to Kwekel Epoxy Floors)

  • Variety
  • Tough
  • Long Lasting
  • Stain Resistant
  • Floor must be resistant to moisture
  • Slippery
  • Only good for 5 years
  • Cracks could become visible again


3rd: Rubber Tile-

Another garage floor option is rubber tile. According to Garage, “These tiles don’t allow for air or water flow underneath and are more of a solid piece. These tiles aren’t usually found in garages where high-impact work is happening but are better for garages that are more of a showroom for your car or garages that are used for game rooms or home gyms. These flexible tiles are good in these scenarios because there isn’t a worry of water or drainage happening.”

  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible
  • No drainage
  • No air flow
  • Not for high-impact areas
  • Appropriate for show rooms only


4th: Vinyl-

Besides rubber tile for your garage, vinyl is another option. In an excerpt from Center for Environmental Health it says, “Vinyl flooring manufacturers use significant quantities of highly toxic chemicals like PFAS and mercury to produce PVC; these chemicals are hazardous to workers all along the supply chain and endanger frontline and fenceline communities in the U.S. and abroad.”


  • Can be installed on top of existing garage floor
  • Little upkeep


  • Chemicals used in manufacturing of vinyl 
  • Not for high traffic areas


5th: Stone-

Finally, stone is an unusual choice for the garage, but this flooring adds an interesting look to a normally predicable area of the home.


  • Beautiful


  • Costly
  • Very cold in winter
  • Not realistic for most homeowners


A steel trowel concrete garage floor installation in progress.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a garage floor that is built to last, resilient, great for high traffic, generally stain resistant and easily available, then steel trowel concrete is your best bet. If you would like a free estimate, please contact Burton’s Construction.

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