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Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Know About Estimates
Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer a free 30 minute estimate.

Can I get a square-footage price?

We don’t give a square-footage price because it depends on how far away you are located from us, what type of demo you have (grass, dirt, pavers, asphalt, concrete, etc) and how many square feet your project is (the bigger the project the less per square foot).

How do you book your job?

It’s on a first come first serve basis. Whether you need driveway repair, decorative concrete, outdoor concrete patios or garage floor installation, just email or text and we will get you scheduled!

Do you require a deposit?

Nope! No money down for any of our concrete services.

Do you have references?

We have references that you can reach out to; we also have reviews on Facebook and Google.

Who do I contact to book my job?

You can email Liz, Office Manager at burtonsconstruction2019@gmail.com.

Before Your Job Begins
Who contacts 811 dig for utilities to be marked?

Burton’s Construction takes care of getting utilities marked before concrete construction projects.

Who contacts the city to file for a permit if it's needed, as well as schedule an inspection?

We take care of filing for the permit and scheduling the inspection before we pour concrete.

Will I receive a reminder about my start date?

Yes, you will be sent a reminder email about two weeks before your job begins.  The week of your project you will receive a schedule with approximate days/times our crew will be on site.

Do I need to move my personal property off the job site or will you take care of that?

Please make sure that your personal property, including grills, lawn mowers, chairs, tables, equipment, etc. are away from the work area. The guys will need space for the equipment, tools, and of course room to work.

Where can I park when you are working at my property?

Two trucks and a trailer will need to be able to pull up along the front of your house to load/unload equipment and materials. It’s also best for them to be able to keep tools close by. If you can park at least 2 houses away it will give you easy access to come and go. Our equipment is large and tends to take up a lot of space. Pro-Tip: If you can move vehicles the night before, it will make for a smoother start.

It’s Game Time
Do you follow a noise ordinance?

Yes, the Kansas City area is mostly 7:00 am start time.

Can I ask a question while you are on my job site?

Of course! Cliff is usually on the job site and is happy to answer any questions you might have. Just be mindful of the construction site with the machinery.

I have a dog. Can I let him out in my backyard while you are working?

In the past we have had a customer’s dog run through newly poured concrete. Luckily it was an easy fix since the concrete was still pretty wet. Just to be safe, if you have a pet you might want to keep them inside or on a leash.

Do I need to pick up after my dog before you arrive?

If you have a lot of dog poop in the work area, our crew would really appreciate it if you could have it picked up and give them a clean area to work in. Otherwise it gets all over their shoes, tools, and materials.

What to Expect After the Job is Completed
When will I receive my invoice?

Since we don’t require any money up front, once the concrete is on the ground we will email you an invoice. If you would like to pay by check please give it to Cliff while he is there. If you forget, let us know and I can swing by and pick it up!

How long do I need to stay off of my new concrete?

You may walk on your new concrete as soon as it is hard to the touch. Generally, this will take a few hours. Then…

  • Driveway replacements: please don’t drive on it for 7-10 days.
  • Patios: please don’t put furniture or grills on for 7-10 days.
How do I keep people from driving on my new driveway?

We will leave up the caution tape to block your driveway unless the crew hears from you that you want it removed. Most of the time it will be wooden stakes and caution tape. At the end of the 7 days, you may remove it and throw it in the trash.

Do I need to do anything to my concrete after the job is completed?

Yes. If the temperature is above 95 degrees, please hose your new concrete down every day for 15 minutes for at least 7 days; this will help with the curing process. It will also help with shrinkage cracks.

Shrinkage cracks are hairline cracks that are caused from water evaporating out of the concrete too quickly. We try to minimize this from happening by using a higher strength mix design and wetting the base before we pour the concrete. However, there are things out of our hands that can affect the outcome of the concrete curing process (weather conditions being a major factor; extreme weather, rapid weather changes, conditions too wet or too dry). This is why we place expansion joints to minimize how far it spreads. T

he integrity of your concrete is still being maintained and you have no cause for concern but hosing down your new concrete will definitely help with this! If it does happen, it most commonly occurs during the first 30 days, but it can also happen anytime during the first year of placement. As you know, concrete cracks.

However, we do offer a warranty for 1 year; the crack has to be wider (not longer) than 1/4 inch thick. That would not be considered a shrinkage crack. That would mean that there are some structural problems. Shrinkage cracks are just a part of concrete that there is no way to avoid or plan for. We do everything in our power and in our control to try and avoid them.

How long is the cure and seal good for?

The cure and seal is good for 2 to 3 years.  After this time, you will need to reseal it.

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